GSM (FWT) Fixed wireless terminal with LED display

Are you searching for any device which makes your desktop phone for calling in any remote area? Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT) GSM Gateway has the capacity to capture the signals strongly in those areas where you have faced poor networking. You can connect your normal landline/ PSTN phone to make calls easily. You can just insert the GSM sim card in the terminal box and connect it with telephone line which is normally wired for your desktop phones. You can able to connect two different landline phones with one terminal and started to use them for making and receiving phone calls. In addition, when you are connecting with this terminal, the phone is started to capture the signals easily, you phone is ringing up, holding the handset and enjoying conversation. GSM gateway facilitates you to improve the communication and make a good connection with the world. Also, you can see the strength of signals, calling status and power on LCD display. You can also connect it with PABX CO line. The GSM terminal is compatible for remote areas and those areas having network problems such as Mountains, Telemarketing, Public shop, office, factory, Removable places like ships, trains, and long-distance buses, and a few house and some house with no PSTN landline or cost effective PSTN. You can also visit other connectors such as VGA splitter and VGA cable.


Can connect any normal PSTN Telephone

Can connect with any PABX CO Line

Powerful capability of signals receiving

LCD display for signal strength,

Calling status and power

Built-in Watchdog duty circuit,

Any fault can restart the Terminal.

Supports modem mode


  • GSM frequency: GSM900/1800MHZ
  • Power consumption: Static under 25mA, emission under SOOmA
  • Peak power consumption: 0.25W/0.5W
  • Receive sensitivity: -104db
  • Antenna increment: All directions: S.Odb Certain/Selection: 12db
  • Output port: two RJ11
  • Availability: 500 In Stock
  • Model: FWT

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